Charlene Jackson

Charlene Jackson

To honor the memory of Derwin Jackson.


Eligibility Requirements:
In order to be eligible for the Derwin “Chef DJ” Memorial Scholarship, a student must:

• Have been admitted into the culinary program at Gwinnett Technical College
• Preference will be given to those who are on the verge of dropping out due to financial hardship
• Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
• Prepare a 300-word essay expressing how the scholarship will benefit the applicant and
why they are passionate about the culinary arts field and what their career aspirations are upon graduation. Share any financial or personal circumstances which you feel are important for the Selection Committee to consider in its evaluation

Applications cannot be processed unless all required documentation is attached to the
application at time of submittal.

Scholarship funds are to be used for tuition, books, fees, uniforms, knife kits/bags, school supplies, etc. for the benefit of the individual receiving the scholarship. Before funds will be disbursed, the Foundation office must receive a note of thanks from the recipient to the donor(s).

The Gwinnett Tech Foundation committee will select and notify the scholarship recipients after all applications have been reviewed.

If the recipient fails to enroll, withdraws from college, or does not maintain eligibility
requirements, the Gwinnett Tech Foundation will select another student if time permits;
otherwise, funds will be held in the Donor’s account to be carried over to the next semester.