Team Ryan Automotive Scholarship

Dan Ryan of Team Ryan Automotive is an Alum of Gwinnett Tech Automotive and wants to give back to the program that helped him with his success today. Dan also sits on the General Automotive Advisory Board helping with curriculum and lab review. Team Ryan is thrilled to offer a graduating automotive student an award.

Eligibility Requirements:
In order to be eligible for the Team Ryan Automotive Award, a student must:
• Enrolled in the General Automotive Program at Gwinnett Tech
• Be preparing to graduate from the General Automotive Program

Applications cannot be processed unless all required documentation is attached to the application at time of submittal.

Scholarship funds are to be used for tuition, books, and program supplies used solely for the benefit of the individual receiving the scholarship. Before funds will be disbursed, the Foundation office must receive a note of thanks from the recipient to the donor(s).

General Automotive Program Director will select the winner

If the recipient fails to enroll, withdraws from college, or does not maintain eligibility requirements, the Gwinnett Tech Foundation will select another student if time permits; otherwise, funds will be held in the Donor’s account to be carried over to the next semester.

Team Ryan Automotive