GED® - Clyde & Sandra Strickland GED® Exam Fee Scholarship

Have you always had educational goals, but things kept getting in the way? Do you have the drive and determination to complete your GED® but need a little help?

If you are currently enrolled in the GED® program at GTC, you may be eligible to apply for scholarship funds to help cover part of the cost of the GED® exam fee.

Local philanthropists and business owners, Clyde and Sandra Strickland established The Clyde & Sandra Strickland GED® Exam Fee Scholarship in 2011 to help GTC students overcome this financial hurdle.

GTC students may apply for this scholarship if you are:
• Enrolled in a GED® program at GTC

To apply, submit a one page-letter explaining educational and future training goals.

Please contact Justin Lynch in Adult Education for the next deadline and an application form at or (678) 226-6323.

Clyde and Sandra Strickland